Family Scrapbooking Ideas

Chronicle your family's memories, thoughts, and time together using these family scrapbooking ideas.

Crafting your own family scrapbook is the perfect way to showcase and preserve your family memories.

Using these family scrapbooking ideas you can become the family historian chronicling your family's memories, thoughts and time together as a family.

Creating a family scrapbook is long lasting and should be one of your most exciting and rewarding projects.

However, depending on the size of the book you wish to create, such an undertaking could be quite overwhelming. Rather than embarking on such a daunting task, a great way to begin your family's scrapbook is to create a series of themed family scrapbooks.

Finding the themes within your family will be easier than you might think.

Simple Family Scrapbooking Ideas


You can easily start your family scrapbook with a family tree.

A family tree should include both sides of your mother and father's family. It can start with the youngest generation and go back as far as you and family members are able to remember, or from the oldest generation that you can remember to the youngest. It all depends on how you want it.

While reviewing your family tree, you will see that family themes will begin to emerge. Some will be obvious such as college affiliations or military, careers etc.

Others might take a little more creativity such as an album of recipes handed down from generation to generation, family traditions etc.

Holiday periods are times when traditions are held closely, and sentiment is dear.

So When composing a family scrapbook, you will find that much of the content will be made up of holidays content. When families have the opportunity to have fun together.

Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and other holidays, will give you a wonderful opportunity to really chronicle your family’s memories and times together as a family.

The possibilities of family scrapbooking ideas are endless. You can use:

  • Family traditions
  • Beliefs
  • Achievements
  • Special Periods
  • Family physical traits
  • Family talents
  • Medical conditions
  • You can also preserve all the information, stories, and anecdotes about each individual in your family.

The information that could be included about each person maybe:

  • Means of livelihood
  • Personality traits
  • Physical character
  • Hobbies
  • Talents
  • Skills
  • Achievements

You have to create a family book that says it all in a glance and easy to understand.

Family Scrapbooking Layouts: Submit your Family Scrapbooking Layouts for publication- This is the place where you can submit your and proudly show off your Family Layout to the world. You'll be able to see your layout on your very own web page. 

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