Digital Scrapbooking

Nowadays a lot of scrapbookers have been using digital scrapbooking to preserve their memories, because it is Convenient, easy to personalize, you can do and undo and above all it is easy to preserve and store, it often takes the place of traditional paper and glue creations.

With the introduction of easy to use graphic packages, photography programs, easy downloads, from background paper to new fonts introduced daily, it is hard to keep up with the mainstream market place. With a lot of scrapbooking ideas you can even submit for publication via online scrapbooking websites.

There are many websites completely devoted to this type of scrapbooking, and most also offer Free digital scrapbook layouts.

advantages of digital scrapbooking

But it doesn’t come to a halting stop with completely digital layouts. Electronic savvy computer users and traditional scrapbookers order and download unique and playful fonts for their work. They regularly use computer scrapbooking programs for electronic elements for their pages, such as journaling, titling or even creating their background papers.

One example is Journaling panels. They can take on a whole new meaning when neatly organized like a newspaper column using your word processing program.

It is also likely that you will be able to include more details in your journals than you would for hand written journaling, thus enhancing the page even more. You can adjust the type to make the entire story fit in the space you have available – something that is hard to do when hand writing a journal. Often scrapbookers sign their journaling to make it more personable.

Another area that online scrapbooking can fix in a hurry is photography with bad composition or unwanted elements. You can simply alter, re-color or enhance the subject and make previously unusable photos perfect for your scrapbook Layouts. This allows digital scrapbookers to create many great new layouts. Portions of the original photo can be “cut out” or “erased”, tiled or tilted to create unique scrapbooking elements for the page.

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