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Scrapbook Contests - Scrapbooking Ideas Layouts Of The Month Contests.

Welcome to Contests Page! This is a monthly online contests webpage, where you can submit and proudly show off your Monthly Scrapbooking Layouts to the world.

Great prizes lined up for our lucky winners like, Scrapbooking kits, Annual membership to an exclusive online scrapbooking club, online scrapbook stores gift certficates, and other great scrapbook supplies that you will surely love.

Participation in these Contests is free, easy and fun. click on this link to participate - 2013 Winter Scrapbook Contest

  • Each contestant may submit up to 4 related layouts by uploading high-quality scanned image of the layouts.

  • Each layout MUST be an original work created solely by the contestant submitting the layout.

  • Each Layout must be a new upload to the Layout Gallery.

  • Each Layout MUST be a scrapbook layout; no cards, crafts or other projects will be acceptable

  • Scrapbook Layouts must be submitted between monthly contest.

  • Multiple entries is allowed, but are eligible for only one prize.

  • Quality and size of the submitted layout (we suggest maximum 600 pixel, .gif and .jpg format)

  • winners will be announced 10-14 days after winning Layouts has been selected and will be annonced on this website. Prizes will be released within 2 weeks of announcement. For updates Subscribe to Allscrappyideas.

Click here to learn more about the rules and regulations

Participate in the 2013 Winter Contest. You might be our next winner!

These Scrapbook Contests is for You, the visitors of this site. It is also meant to motivate and inspire you to do what we all love doing – scrapbooking and sharing.

Past Scrapbook Contest Entries

This scrapbooking contest is one of the most popular interactive features on my site and I enjoy seeing all the Layouts each month. I hope you do too!

May 11 Scrapbooking Layouts Contest Entries

June 2011 Scrapbooking Layouts Contest Entries

July 2011 Contest Entries

September 2011 Scrapbooking Layouts Contest Entries

November 2011 Scrapbooking Layout Contest Entries

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