2013 Winter Scrapbook Contest

Participating in "allscrapbookingideas.com" 2013 Winter Scrapbook Contest, you stand a chance of winning fabolous scrapbooking prices, just enter today using the form below, It's easy and fun.

Great prizes to be won like, Scrapbooking kits, Annual membership to an exclusive online scrapbooking club, online scrapbook stores gift certficates, and other great scrapbook supplies that you will surely love.

Go to the entry form below and enter a title for your Layout.

Please note that it is very important, In "Products used/Description Of Your Layout(s) box", to add a few notes, such as:

  • When the Layout was created.
  • Steps on how the Layout was created.
  • What Scrapbooking supplies was used.
  • Any tips, suggestions, or details,
And any other story or comment to go along with it.

Then upload your Scrapbook Layout. The size of the photos are limited to save time and space, so resize the photos if you can't upload them.

That's it!
Winners will be annonced 10-14 days after winning Layouts has been selected on this website and via allscrapbookingideas.com Ezine, Allscrappyideas. Prizes will be released within 2 weeks of announcement.

Read the contests rules

This Scrapbooking Contest is for You, the visitors of this site. Make use of this great opportuty to win prizes doing what you love, scrapbooking.

Morever, your scrapbooking Layout will be displayed on this website and we all love sharing our finished scrapbook with our friends and family. Now you can share your scrapbook by giving them the URL to your own page. They can view, vote and also leave comments.

Thanks for participating and just can’t wait to see your designs!

2013 Winter Scrapbook Contest

Important note: After you submit your layouts be sure to put a check mark in the notification boxes on the thank you page at the bottom, and enter your email address. This will ensure that you are notified after I approve your submission or if you eventually become a winner.

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