Scrapbooking Business

Have you ever thought of starting your own scrapbooking business but have no idea how to get started?

Scrapbooking is the single most popular category among hobbyists today, according to research, scrapbooking is now a $3 billion a year industry. Traditional non-hobby stores such as discount centers, hardware stores and even mass merchandisers are dedicating more and more valuable retail space to the scrapbooking category of products.

This is just one indication of the popularity of scrapbooking. The other is the number of home based businesses that are supported by this fun, purposeful hobby. Starting and growing scrapbooking business isn’t going to be easy nor is it a get-rich-quick scheme. But these opportunities can definetly offer you personal and emotional satisfaction, as well as a profitable living.

Different Types of Scrapbooking Business

  • Event Organizer - You can set up an event planning company where you can act as an event organizer, organizing crops, retreats, getaways, cruises etc.
  • Scrapbooking Instructor - You can become a scrapbook instructor where you teach people all about scrapbooking and the lastest techniques.
  • Direct Sales Consultant - You can become a drict sale consultant. There a lot of companies currently offering an opportunity to be a direct sales consultant. And as a direct sales consultant you get products discount and if you are serious about building this as a business then the sky is your limit. Here is a list of companies that offer opportunities as a direct sales consultant.
  • Product Designer/Manufacturer – You can become a scrapbooking products designer/manufacturer by designing products for scrapbook enthusiasts. As a product designer you can either license your idea to a manufacturing company or start your own product designing/manufacturing company.
  • Professional Scrapbook Artist - Do you love scrapbooking? Then you can become a professional scrapbook artist, you can create custom designed scrapbooks where you get paid to scrapbook for people who do not have time, knowledge or creativity to do it themselves. The potential for this field is quite huge.
  • Scrapbook Retailer - You can set up a retail store where you sell scrapbooking materials to scrapbook lovers. But it needs a large initial investment, time commitment and probably a detailed research into the potentials of your local area where you hope to set up your retail store.
  • Writing magazine articles, books, and e-books - If you have a special scrapbooking ideas, information, techniques and tips, then you can also earn a living writing articles, books and e-books.
  • Online Retailer - With the advent of the internet it is quite easy and convenient to open an online scrapbook store.This gives you the opportunity to open your shop anywhere you are, but remember this is "business" and as such should be treated just as professionally as a “brick and mortar” store. We recommend using SBI store build it to build your online store.
  • Selling on eBay – You can earn a living selling scrapbooking products, pre-designed layouts, embellishments, books, softwares, scrapooking kits, paper piercing, custom made titles/themes etc.
  • Building online scrapbooking websites, communities and portals - The advent of computer and the internet has just made it easier to do a lot of things including scrapbooking. You can earn a living by creating a digital scrapbooking websites where people can pay to scrapbook online, or you can build a website, communities, portals etc and get paid for advertisement.
Special SiteSell Promotion

Note that you can have the greatest scrapbooking business, service or product there is in the market, but if no one knows about it, it won’t matter. That is why building a web site is essential and with SBI you will discover how easy it is to build one today.

Being online is becoming more the norm in today’s market and it is quite important because it brings you in contact with hundred's or even thousand's of customers everyday. So my advice would be to invest in a quality web hosting company like SBI where you can design and maintain your site yourself to save money. You can see here how SBI! literally changes small business people's lives. These are real life detailed recountings of individual SBI! experiences , each in their own words, in their own styles.

As far I know coupled with my personal experience scrapbooking business has the potential for bringing in hundreds and thousands of dollars in income, (remember according to the latest research, scrapbooking business is now a $3 billion a year industry) but again, that success depends solely on you.

With your scrapbooking business you can work as little or as much as you want!

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