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You can also easily create your own special scrapbooking Gallery to share with friends and family, it is easy, free and simple, find out more

Scrapbooking Ideas Layouts Gallery

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Submitting your Layouts and creating something like your own Scrapbooking Ideas Layouts Gallery is free, easy and fun. Just choose the right gallery, fill in the form below each gallery, upload your layout and hit the submit button. When your submission is accepted, your Layout will become a "LIVE" page on this site. That's right... YOU get to submit Layouts and have your own page on this website.

Is it a Layout you want to dedicate to your Love one, to show how much you care? A page dedicated to your

A Layout of special occasions like

A Layout in memory of your loved one that had passed away?. Now you can share your Layouts with your friends and family by giving them the URL to your own page. They can view your Layouts and also leave comments.

Your scrapbooking page will be given its very own webpage allowing fellow Scrapbook lovers to comment. Oh and don't worry...

Only constructive and positive comments get through. You can also leave comments (be nice!) on the Layouts that other scrapbookers have submitted.

Ready? Choose Your Gallery... Scrapbooking Ideas Layouts Gallery

When adding your layout, choose the most relevant category for your scrapbook layouts and remember to upload your Layout. Layouts can only be added to one gallery.

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