Thanksgiving Scrapbooking Ideas

Thanksgiving scrapbooking ideas provides you with a great opportunity to show all the things your family is thankful for at this time of year.

This can include a selection of poems to accompany the various photos and memorabilia that you want to have in the scrapbook.

Many children complete sheets at school to say what they are thankful for, and family scrapbook is a great way to start off any thanksgiving scrapbook.

There are usually school concerts and displays at this time, and you can use the photos you have collected over the years, cut them in various shapes and sizes to be the focal point of each page or you can embellish the pages.

With thanksgiving scrapbooking ideas, you have to include pictures of the thanksgiving dinner in your house with all the trimmings and decorations.

If there is somebody that said a prayer of thanks and blessing before the meal, then you can have this prayer written in the scrapbook.

Some Scrapbooking ideas you can use:

  • Pictures when preparing the meal.

  • Pictures when carving the turkey.

  • Pictures of family and friends present at the meal.

  • New members of the family – babies or in-laws.

  • Photographs of the family watching football game together.

  • Photos of Children playing.

Other Thanksgiving scrapbooking ideas that you can include:

  • Family recipes that have always been used for the thanksgiving dinner.

  • Write out a program for the day including the Menu.

  • List of family members and friends present.

  • Games you had arranged to keep the children entertained, including pictures.

  • List of the things that you are thankful for.

  • List of things that those present were thankful for.

You can have those present at the Thanksgiving dinner write down what they are thankful for on a little strip of paper and sign it.

You can combine all these strips to make one page of the scrapbook, or scatter them throughout the scrapbook on pages where there are photos of the writer. This makes the scrapbook a one that truly represents what everyone is most thankful for.

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