Friends Scrapbooking Ideas

Celebrate your friends with these fun friends scrapbooking ideas. Remember your friends, like your family, are a very important part of your life.

Remember to take a camera when ever you are planning an outing with your friends, the longer you spend time together, the more opportunities you will have for great photos and fun scrapbooking ideas.

Here Are Some Friends Scrapbooking Ideas

  • Go into a hat store or costume store and take pictures of your friends while they try on the same hat or costume.
  • Have a party with the kids and take family photos of each of your friends with his or her kids.
  • Take close up head shots (a scrapbooking picture taken from the shoulders up) of each of your friends and make a complimentary list of all the words that describe this particular friend.
  • Ask each friend for his or her favorite picture and turn it into a “yearbook” style scrapbooking page. Place a little quote below their names.
  • Pile your friends on the floor either all mixed up or stacked like pancakes and take a photo of them. When you add the photo to your page, make labels with each of their full names (first, middle and last) and stick them near their heads.

There are so many ideas that you use in creating that beautiful friends memory books.

You can tell the story of how you met in your own words. Place your photo and the story on one page. Have your friend tell the same story and place her photo and journaling on the adjacent page. This will make for a great layout and an awesome memory.

Sometimes friends scrapbooking ideas are somber events. When a friend has to move away for a job or another reason, make her a special mini scrap book to take along. It will mean so much to her when she is in a new place and feeling overwhelmed to remember you and your friendship.

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