Kindergarten Scrapbooking Ideas

Get a jump start on creating a treasured keepsake for your child with these kindergarten scrapbooking ideas.

Entering kindergarten is a huge milestone in your child’s life. It’s the beginning of his or her academic career as well as a chance to meet new friends and become more independent.

This occasion deserves to be recognized in your scrapbooks! Brainstorming a list of kindergarten scrapbooking ideas will help you get a jump start on creating a treasured keepsake for your child. The first day of kindergarten is a day your child will never forget. Take lots of pictures and record his or her thoughts about starting school.

Other kindergarten scrapbooking ideas include having your child draw a portrait of his or her friends and teachers, interviewing your child about his or her school experience and preserving the results on a scrapbook page, or creating a layout that shows your child’s daily schedule for the year. If you’d like to have more photos for your child’s kindergarten scrapbook, ask the teacher for permission to visit the classroom or see if there are school photos that you could have copied.

Kindergarten scrapbooking ideas for memorabilia include nametags, report cards, copies of school projects, souvenirs from class field trips, or notes from friends.

A good strategy for School scrapbooking ideas is to designate a special place to store all memorabilia and select the most meaningful pieces at the end of the year. Remember to ask your child for his or her input on what is most important. To make sure your memorabilia doesn’t deteriorate over time, you can spray items with “Make It Acid-Free” spray from Krylon or copy questionable items onto acid-free white cardstock.

If your kindergarten has a graduation ceremony, this will definitely be a scrapbook-worthy occasion! Bring your camera and take lots of pictures of your child and his or her friends.

Graduation scrapbooking ideas can include creating a mini-album of the lessons your child learned in kindergarten and his or her plans for first grade. If you interviewed your child on the first day of kindergarten, you can use this information to create a page that documents the change in his or her personality over the course of the year.

Kindergarten scrapbooking ideas for embellishments should reflect your child’s youthful nature, as well as his or her entrance into the world of academics. Papers in bright primary colors make an excellent backdrop for kindergarten memories. Pencils, pens, crayons, chalkboards, backpacks, and other school motifs are great embellishments for kindergarten pages.

If you don’t wish to purchase pre-made embellishments, you can decorate your scrapbook with samples of your child’s handwriting and copies of his or her artwork.

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