Baby Scrapbooking Ideas

Baby scrapbooking ideas that will get you started on how to preserve and maintain those important and magical "firsts” of your baby. 

Sleepy - Baby Scrapbooking Layout

Giving birth to a baby is one of the most magical and beautiful moments for moms, unfortunately memories are the easiest thing to lose.

It's so hard to hold on to the memories, except you preserve the magical memories of the birth of your baby in a baby scrapbook, they may be lost forever.

Here you will get scrapbooking ideas which will inspire you on how to preserve, the small and the big things, the special moments and the milestones in a well done baby scrapbook which will make those special and important first moments unforgettable for ages to come as your baby grows up.

There are so many scrapbooking ideas that you can use for your baby scrapbook that can help you to preserve the magical memory of the birth and growth of your baby.

Below are some of the baby scrapbooking ideas, things to write about, and photos to take. From this, you should be able to generate more ideas for your baby scrapbook.


The first and the most important thing to do is to commence your baby's scrapbook with an introductory statement, which will explain your scrapbook.

To make your baby's scrapbook interesting and comprehensive you may have to;

  • Create the family tree, you can keep it as brief and simple as you like, but including names, birthdays, marriage dates etc
  • Include photos of parents, brothers and sisters, grand parents uncles etc. with the baby.
  • Include photos of the different stages or months of your pregnancy.
  • Include and use these pregnancy scrapbooking ideas.
  • Make sure to journal your thoughts and expectations that you have of or for the baby.
  • You can also include photos of the newly decorated baby room.
  • Photos of your baby that you made with ultra scan.  


  • Photos of the hospital.
  • Birth certificate.
  • The name, picture and description of the doctor.
  • Share the story of your labour and delivery i.e. how long were you in labour? Was it a difficult birth or easy delivery?
  • Time of birth.
  • Birth weight.
  • Note and include your very first impression of your baby.
  • Who where the first visitors? Include their pictures with the baby.
  • Name: Explain how and why you decided on the baby's name. What is the meaning of the name? Does the name have an historic importance? Did you name the baby after someone?

Including information like this in your baby's scrapbook will help preserve meaningful, vital and interesting information for others viewing the book or for your baby as he/she grows older.


Baby scrapbooking Layout - Zoe

Babies grow very fast so it's advisable to record and preserve all your baby's firsts or milestones as known to others.

  • First smile,
  • First time crawling,
  • first time the baby sat alone,
  • When the baby started walking,
  • first fall,
  • first sentence,
  • first day at play group,
  • first hair-cut,
  • first birthday,
  • first Christmas or any other firsts that you can think of.

You can search the Internet for titles, phrases, sayings and quotes about babies and motherhood to create your own non-gender specific page embellishments.

Include photos with mom, dad, brothers and sisters etc. Provide also monthly pictures of your baby this will highlight and preserve the different stages of growth in your baby scrapbook.

Get more baby scrapbooking ideas from these Baby scrapbooking Ideas Layouts.

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Remember scrapbooking ideas is limited only to your own imagination. We are all unique and have different lives, careers, hobbies, experiences etc from others.

Capitalize on your uniqueness and turn it into your own unique scrapbooking pages.

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