Career Scrapbooking Ideas

Use these career scrapbooking ideas to create a legacy since...

...We spend a large portion of our adult lives at work.

While our jobs don’t define who we are, they help shape the person we become.

If you have several albums full of family layouts. Don’t let your memories of this part of your life fade away!

Popular career scrapbooking ideas includes:

  • Layouts about what type of job you wanted as a child.

  • How you chosed your current profession. Or what job you’d love to try.

  • Don’t worry about finding photos to match your layouts. You can embellish your pages with images that represent your profession or portraits of you that were taken in approximately the same time period as your layout.

  • Teachers, nurses, and other individuals with popular professions may also be able to find pre-made embellishishments to decorate their pages.

      Career themed albums can include:

      • Lessons you’ve learned through your work.

      • Jobs you’ve had over the course of your life.

      • Things you love about your career.

      • Or coworkers who have made a difference in your life.

      Since your career is a work-in-progress, many scrapbookers choose to create a template for their album and add additional pages as needed.

      Career Scrapbooking Ideas for memorabilia can include business cards, resumes, paycheck stubs, company identification badges, and award certificates.

      You can also include photos of your workplace or copies of your company’s newsletter. If applicable, you may even wish to include memorabilia that is specific to your particular profession.

      If you know someone who is about to retire, creating a career scrapbook can be an especially meaningful gift. Most retirement scrapbooking ideas are similar to other general scrapbooking ideas.

      If you scrapbook is a surprise gift, you can interview the retiree’s friends or family to create the pages or use a blank template to design layouts that will accommodate his or her journaling.

      You can also use a retirement scrapbook as a place for coworkers to record their good wishes for the retiree as he or she prepares for the future.

      If you are a stay-at-home mom, you may think that career scrapbooking ideas have no place in your family albums.

      However, stay-at-home moms have one of the toughest jobs around!

      Don’t forget to create layouts about the things you enjoy about being home with your children and what you have learned from your experiences as a mother. These layouts are guaranteed to become a cherished family keepsake.

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