wedding scrapbooking ideas

You will find lots of wedding scrapbooking ideas, tips and information from this site. Scrapbooking ideas, which will inspire you to create a nice and professional looking wedding memory book.

How are you prepared to preserve the memories of your wedding day for generations to come? Remember that memories are so easy to lose and you cannot remember every single fun detail of your wedding day. Unless we let these wedding memories live on in our memory books!

One of the most important things to do is to write down all the activities in which you were involved, before, during and after the wedding. Make sure to write down all the emotions, the experience, the dreams, goals, thoughts, expectations etc. attached with the photographs.

The picture's should be divided into groups such as couple with brides family, couple with friends, with guests etc and the photos of the different parts of the wedding should also be included like the church or court wedding, reception, honeymoon etc.

Before the Wedding (Engagement)

Photos of the engagement party, wedding rehearsal, wedding card, decoration and preparation for the wedding Should be included here, with the description of how the two you met for the first time, how long you have stayed together before the engagement, your hopes, expectations and aspiration for the wedding.

The Wedding Day

The pictures to include-The bride, The Groom, The couple together, Bridesmaids, Best man, Groomsmen, Flower Girl, Ring bearer, Couple with the Brides family, Couple with the family of the Groom, Groom's father, Groom's mother, The couple with the guest's, Church seating, Vows, Rings etc. You should also remember to write down your feelings, hopes, and fears and how the ceremony went.

The Wedding Reception

Reception Decorations, Cutting the cake, Toasts, Reception Guests, Bouquet toss, decorating the car, It will be wonderful if you can also write down your thoughts and how the ceremony went.

After the wedding (Honeymoon)

Names and pictures of places you went to, the places you stayed and everything that happened.

We hope that after reading this page you will be greatly inspired on how to make your wedding scrapbook look better. You can also learn about other great wedding scrapbooking ideas by reading these books

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