Vacation Scrapbooking Ideas

Get vacation scrapbooking ideas that will help you preserve all those memorable vacation moments for generations to come.

Travelling is said to be part of education. So going on a vacation is also said to be very interesting and educating.

During your vacation you visit places with different

  • ideas,
  • cultures,
  • languages,
  • temperatures,
  • traditions etc.

And as such there is a great need to preserve all your memorable vacation or travelling information and memories, or they may be lost forever.

You have gone on vacation in places that were enchanting; you have been to a place that if given the money, time and opportunity you will go there again.

With vacation scrapbooking ideas you should be able to relive and preserve all your exciting, adventurous and informative vacations every time you open your vacation memory book.

There are so many ways and ideas with which you can plan your vacation scrapbook, here some of the vacation scrapbooking ideas, that I hope will inspire you, to create a vacation memory book that will not only preserve all the memories you might lose, but also stands the test of time.

Stimulation for Vacation scrapbooking Ideas

Question: Where are you going for your next vacation or where did you go to for your vacations? Why did you choose to go there?

The answers to these questions with whatever memorabilia you might have saved, like

  • plane tickets,
  • hotel receipt,
  • the digital cards you get to open your hotel door,
  • the meal vouchers received,
  • your luggage tags,
  • post cards etc.

should be included in your vacation scrapbook.

Your vacation scrapbook maybe divided into three sections

Planning and parting for your vacation

  • Should include your thoughts and feelings,
  • name of place,
  • why and how did you arrived on the decision?
  • A brief description of the places,
  • things you might have heard or read.
  • Budget for the trip What plans have you made? Like for example booking your flight, reserving hotels, the towns you are going to stay and how long etc
  • Are you going with some one? Who? And a brief description of the person or people you are going with.
  • Don’t forget to include when you finally leave for your vacation, how and what were you thinking?
  • Pictures, for example as you leave your house, at the airport etc.


You did it! You have arrived at your destination.

  • How did you feel?
  • Pictures of you, on arrival.
  • Transportation, What is the means of transport that you used to the hotel? By taxi, car rental or public transportation?
  • Your hotel, the first impression you had, when you located your hotel or where you are going to stay.
  • Pictures of you in, and around the hotel.
  • Food, write a brief description of the different types of food you ate.
  • Pictures and a brief description of the places you visited.
  • Highlighting the most interesting places and memorable moments
  • Pictures and details of the people you met

Going back home

  • So soon? Yes, it is time to go back home.
  • Include pictures as you were leaving for home,
  • a brief summary of the vacation.
  • Home sweet home. Pictures as you arrived home.
  • Get some more vacation scrapbooking ideas from some of these Books

Vacation Scrapbooking Layouts: This is the place where you can submit and proudly show off your Vacation Layout to the world. You'll be able to see your layout on your very own web page. That's right...YOU get to submit layouts and have your own page on this website.

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