Sports Scrapbooking Ideas

Document and preserve those sports memories that you hold dear to you with these Sports scrapbooking ideas.

Sports and recreation are important parts of our lives, that is why we have to try and capture what makes them special, and so enjoyable by using some of these sports scrapbooking ideas.

There are different sports like Football, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Hockey, Mountain Climbing, Skiing, Cycling, Baseball, Volleyball etc.

It could include photos and memorabilia that you have collected or accumulated over the years because you or someone in your family plays or is an ardent fan of a particular sport.

You can also use these sports scrapbooking ideas to document your child’s development in a particular sport, you can use it to show the many times that your favourite sport has changed over the years.

Many children start off learning how to play basketball, baseball or football in the backyard.

Sports Scrapbooking Ideas - Using Photographs As Starting Points

Some of these photographs can make excellent starting points for your sports scrapbooking ideas layouts which you can modify to suit your needs, 

  • Pictures of Little League games.
  • Photo of the child in various uniforms or sports jerseys.
  • Pictures of the fans cheering.
  • Team photos.
  • Pictures of the child celebrating with the team after a winning game.
  • Pictures of the team winning the trophy.
  • Favorite team
  • Favorite Player

Journal and dates all the activities you can, information about the photographs indicated above, you can also include,

  • The ticket stubs from games.
  • Pictures of you and the child getting ready for early morning practices.
  • Are there qualities that you notice in your children or friends as they participate in a particular sports? List the qualities.
  • Have certain sports become seasonal traditions for your family? Then explain the tradition and the history.
  • How many members of your family share the same passion for the sport?
  • Does sporting activities play an important role in your family? Explain.

You can also check out these Journaling Scrapbooking Ideas for ideas on how to use journaling to enhance and give a comprehensive feel to your scrapbook.

Sports Scrapbooking Ideas For Avid Sports Fans Include

  • Pictures of your favorite team.
  • Pictures of your favorite sports man.
  • Memorabilia from games, such as ticket stubs, napkins, books, autographs etc.
  • Pictures of the fan with players.
  • Photos of the person watching the game on TV.
  • A copy of your favourite sports magazine.
  • A copy of newspaper clippings about the players or the team.
  • Small replicas of the team uniforms.

To enhance your sports scrapbook, you can include embellishments of the type of kits and equipments used in the favorite sport, such as baseball bats, basketballs,or football boots, etc. scattered throughout the page layouts and used as borders.

You can have newspaper clippings about players or teams and use the headlines from the newspaper as titles for winning seasons or ones the fan would like to forget.

You can embellish the photographs, some journaling, also comments like, what happened and how the fan was feeling at the time?

Sports Scrapbooking Ideas Layouts: This is the place where you can submit and proudly show off your Sports Scrapbooking Layouts to the world.

You'll be able to see your layout on your very own web page. That's right...YOU get to submit layouts and have your own page on this website.

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Remember scrapbooking ideas is limited only to your own imagination. We are all unique and have different lives, careers, hobbies, experiences etc from others.

Capitalize on your uniqueness and turn it into your own unique scrapbooking pages.

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