Spacing in Scrapbooks

Knowing how to regulate spacing in your scrapbook is very important. There is a fine line between having a balanced scrapbook page and a gaudy mess.

Having the right spacing on your scrapbook pages might seem to be a difficult matter because if photos, journaling, embellishments and other items on your scrapbook page are too closely spaced, your scrapbook might look like a jumbled mess.

On the other hand, If your scrapbook items are spaced too far apart or there are too many unattended spaces, your scrapbook might not look good.

How to Check your Scrapbook Spacing 

Here is a very simple way to check if your scrapbook is rightly spaced.

  • Look at your page.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Does your page look cluttered?
  • Does your page have more photographs than background?
  • Are your embellishments drawing the focus away from your mementos?

Then, you need to simplify your page a bit and increase the spacing between objects.

Remember you can always add more pages. 

  • Is your page bare?
  • Is your page uninteresting and colorless?

Then, think about adding some more mementos, stickers, scrapbooking fonts and colorful embellishments.

In this way, you can decrease the spacing between objects, making your page more energetic.

Obviously, in all you have to take into consideration spacing of photos, stickers, embellishments, colour, scrapbooking fonts, journaling etc, to create an ideal scrapbook.

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