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Scrapbook Mirror Layout - This Storyteller Scrapbooking Kit Layout is titled "mirror mirror on the wall".

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mirror scrapbooking layouts

Scrapbooking Layouts

How Scrapbook Mirror was created 

I kept the design very simple, part of it was because I wasnt really "into" the girl products included in the scrapbook kit...everything else in the kit ROCKED!!!!!

  • I trimmed a piece of patterned paper, then ripped along the bottom edge.
  • I cut the mirror looking diecut out, glued my picture to the back of it, and trimmed around it.
  • I cut the ribbon piece from a diecut and added it to the bottom of my picture.

Scrapbooking Kits courtesy of,
Scrapbook by Tracy Geworsky, member of Design Team

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