School scrapbooking ideas?

How I wish I knew of these simple school scrapbooking ideas...

...Because when I look back in my life I discover that some of my most memorable times in my life, where times I spent in school.

I discovered and made so much memories, Memories that I should have preserved. Friendship, love, betrayal, habits and not to talk of all the fun times.

Are you still in school, or do you have a child, nephew or family member in school?

Then it's time to use some of the ideas in this site to preserve those school memories before the fade away with time.

It doesn't matter if you are in college, high school or Elementary school just preserve those school memories before they fade away.

I will encourage you to make your school scrapbook into sections like

· Kindergarten.

· High School.

· College.

You will definetly get and learn more school scrapbooking ideas from these books.

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Remember scrapbooking ideas is limited only to your own imagination. We are all unique and have different lives, careers, hobbies, experiences etc from others. So capitalize on your uniqueness and turn it into your own unique scrapbooking ideas for your scrapbooking pages.

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