Computer Scrapbooking

Computer Scrapbooking otherwise known as digital scrapbooking, is just the art of scrapbooking with your computer with all the advantages it has to offer.

The advent of computer has just made it easier to do a lot of things including scrapbooking. Using your computer for your scrapbook will help you to break all boundaries in the way you can preserve your memories... because you can create cheaper, easier, faster and even better memory books with computer.

How to start may seem frightening, Or you may be afraid to start a traditional scrapbook for fear of wasting or spoiling everything, but with the scrapbooking ideas on this site and a computer or smart phone, it will be much easier and you can do and undo all your actions and there is no problem whatsoever.

Using computer seriously advances, improves, develops, enhances and compliments, our scrapbooking techniques and at the same time making the craft: Scrapbooking, easier and more economical. It uncovers a whole new territory and methods, where people can make and also share their scrapbooks with just a click.

We have heard that the best memory books are the one's made by a professional but with computer scrapbooking you will be able to make scrapbooks just like the professionals or even better for just a fraction of the normal cost, simply because scrapbooking with a computer, you have the opportunity to experiment and be creative to your heart delights, after all the moves are all undo able.

To start computer scrapbooking you will need the following:

Advantages of Computer Scrapbooking 

Computer scrapbooking has some advantages over the traditional scrapbooking, in some ways like:

  • You can experiment to your hearts delights with no fear of wasting or spoiling your scrapbook materials since you can undo all stages of your scrapbook.
  • You don't have scrapbook materials to clutter your house.
  • You get the opportunity to share your finished scrapbook with relatives and friends who are far away with just a click using the internet.
  • You don't buy any scrapbooking materials or tools, since all you do is with and in your computer.
  • There are many websites completely devoted to digital scrapbooking ideas and you can even submit for publication via online scrapbooking websites.

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