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Special $10 Easter Gift! ASI #7
April 14, 2006

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April 15,2006 Issue #7



Table of Contents

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"Special $10 Easter Gift"


2) Easter is finally here

3) Scrapbooking survey still open

4) Scrapbooking Gallery? Coming Soon...



"Special $10 Easter Gift"


From now until fast-approaching May 1st, offer yourself friends, family, loved ones this special $10 easter gift. is offering its Membership and all its Sister Site's at $10 less.

Just copy and paste the coupon number below.

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With these kind of UNmatched scrapbooking layouts and ideas. Do your friends, family and loved ones a huge Easter favor...


AND do yourself one big favor, too.


Let folks know about this "Special $10 Easter Gift" opportunity.

But hurry!

This special $10 Easter Gift ends on May 1st 2006.

2) Easter Is Finally Here...


Every year christians all over the world commemorates the crucifixion and resurrection of our Savior, Lord Jesus Christ. An occasion were family and friends get together, creating memories worthy to be preserved using these Easter Scrapbook Ideas and Easter Scrapbooking Ideas

Easter gifts are now so expensive that one of the most ingenious gift is, creating an easter scrapbook for your love one's, friends and even for your self.

No matter how you are going to clebrate your Easter, take time to preserve the memories or they may be lost forever.

3) Scrapbooking survey still open


The Scrapbooking survey is still on. If for one reason or the other you have been unable to take part in the survey I, humbly urge you to do so at: scrapbooking survey

Your answers, ideas, sugestions and comments will help me to provide you and all our scrapbooking friends with better and higher quality information and products.

Your insights and time will be highly apprecited

Take the Scrapbooking Survey

If the link does not work, you can copy and paste the url into your browser.

4) Scrapbooking Gallery? Coming soon...


Scrapbooking Gallery is coming up soon on this site. And will be very happy if you can help me by sending your different scrapbooking layouts for publication. It doen'st matter what you think about your layouts somebody out there will definetly learn a thing or two from the submitted layouts. Thanks

By submitting your layouts you gain: Publicity and also an opportuntiy to help other scrapbookers who are also in need of scrapbooking layouts ideas. The spirit of sharing has always been important in scrapbooking. SHARE your scrapbooking layouts, send to You can even share your scrapbooking Ideas, tips etc with fellow scrapbookers.

Wishing you a new lease of life in this festival of hope. Happy Easter -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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