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it's done! The New allscrapbooking ideas layouts gallery Is Up! ASI #9
July 11, 2006

Allscrappyideas! your guide to all the exciting scrapbooking ideas, info, tips and techniques.


July 11, 2006 Issue #9



Table of Contents

1) The New allscrapbooking ideas layouts gallery Is Up!

2) Independence Day Scrapbooking Ideas

3) Father's Day Scrapbooking Ideas


The New allscrapbooking ideas layouts gallery Is Up!

Phew! Or perhaps I should say, "Hooray, it's done!" The new allscrapbooking ideas layouts gallery is up!

Check out the new gallery. There is no limit to the number of layouts that you can submit for publication, all you need to do is submit your layout(s).

For more information, and to comment or ask questions...

Submitting your scrapbooking layouts for publication is quite very easy. Just go to Scrapbooking Layout(s) Submission Page. Tell us all about your scrapbooking layout(s), techniques, ideas, materials and any other information that you want us to know about your layout(s). On completing and submiting the layout(s) submission form, you will be sent an automated email. Check your email, attach the layout(s) and reply.

2)Independence day scrapbooking ideas

Independence Day scrapbooking ideas gives you helpful ideas and tips for preserving those special moments.

3)Father's Day Scrapbooking Ideas

Father's Day is always celebrated all over the world to commemorate fathers and parenting males. It is always a special and exciting time for father's and children. And father's day scrapbooking gives you a unique opportunity to tell you dad just how much you love him.

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