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Women's day scrapbooking ideas! ASI #6
March 08, 2006

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March 8,2006 Issue #6



Table of Contents

1) Thank you for your feedback

2) This edition is dedicated to women all over the world


1) Women's Day Scrapbooking Ideas


First of all I want to use this opportunity to thank everybody who dedicated some time to take the scrapbooking survey. The response and the feedback is overwhelming and very helpfull. Thank you.

With reference to the results of the survey so far, there is an overwhelming need for scrapbooking layouts. so please send your scrapbooking layouts for publication (

By submitting your layouts you gain: Publicity and also an opportuntiy to help other scrapbookers who are also in need of scrapbooking layouts ideas.

If for one reason or the other you have been unable to take part in the survey I, humbly urge you to do so at: scrapbooking survey

Your answers, ideas, sugestions and comments will help me to provide you and all our scrapbooking friends with better and higher quality information and products.

Your insights and time will be highly apprecited

Take the Scrapbooking Survey

If the link does not work, you can copy and paste the url into your browser.


This Edition is dedicated to all the women all over the world


March 8 is set aside all over the world as International Women's Day, it was first celebrated in 1908. Women all over the world, often divided by physical, ethnic, political, cultural, linguistic and economic differences, come together to celebrate equality, justice, peace and development.

My mom, sisters, girlfriends have always loved me unconditionally and have contributed a lot to the person I am. And I know that from every woman, there is love, creativity and productivity.

So go ahead and use these Women's day scrapbooking ideas to express your love and regards to those special women in your life, be it your mom, sisters, cousins, grandmom, aunt or girlfriend... They deserve every bit of your praise on this their special day.




Women's Day Scrapbooking Ideas

Use these Women's day scrapbooking ideas to say a big thank you and a Happy International Women's Day' to your mother, sister, wife, grandmother, daughter cousin, girlfriend and every woman who fills your world with love unconditionally.

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