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Allscrappyideas! #14, Valentine Scrapbooking Ideas... Feb 11, 2007
February 11, 2007
"If you don't save your memories they may be lost forever! Memories are the easiest things to lose. Don't forget your memories - CELEBRATE THEM!"

Table of Contents


1.Valentine Scrapbooking Ideas

2.Gallery Layouts

3.Design Team

4.I Love SBI! Special $100 Valentine gift


It's valentine! To some a new beginning. To others a Time of re-affirmation. No matter what, Spread love and joy into the lives of your near and dear ones. Valentines day offers you an opportunity to say the three magical words"I Love You" to all your dear ones.

A personalized valentine scrapbook can be a very special gift that shows your significant other just how much you care. Many love scrapbooking ideas tend to center around your relationship milestones, use it to give substance to your feelings this Valentine day.

So, go ahead, preserve moments of love and joy that'll last forever!

Have fun reliving and preserving the beautiful memories of love and valentines day.


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Love Scrapbooking Ideas

Love Scrapbooking Ideas: Recapture your love with these love scrapbooking ideas.

Express your love using these Valentine scrapbooking ideas: Say, "I love you" using these Valentine scrapbooking ideas to create a unique and special gift for your valentine.

2. Gallery Layouts.

I know it takes time and effort to scan your pages in and to post them in the gallery, but I encourage and would like everyone to find a little time and share your layouts with others. I am sure other scrapbookers will learn and get ideas from each and every one of your layouts.

3. Design Team:

I am currently looking for talented scrapbookers to join "all scrapbooking ideas Design Team" If you are interested in the opportunity or know someone that might be. Please fill this form.


4. I Love SBI! Special $100 Valentine gift


Like diamonds, "An SBI site is forever." From now to midnight 14th febuary, give your Valentine the gift that keeps giving. Better than diamonds... For only $100 more for your subcription, give a free SBI! to a friend, family, significant other... Even yourself! order and try it today risk-free.

But fall in love with SBI! now, because this special ends at the stroke of midnight on febuary 14

Happy Valentines day

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