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Allscrappyideas! #15, Mother Scrapbooking Layouts... June 19, 2007
June 19, 2007
"If you don't save your memories they may be lost forever! Memories are the easiest things to lose. Don't forget your memories - CELEBRATE THEM!"

Table of Contents


1.I Apologize

2.New Scrapbooking layouts added

3.Design Team

4.In the spotlight

5.Complaints - Scrapbooking Retreats


I owe you an apology. Sorry

for the long silence, it was due to circumstances beyond my control.

Hope we can still be friends after...


2. New Scrapbooking layouts added


I have just added some scrapbooking layouts in the Scrapbooking Ideas Layout Gallery.

Check the following pages for more instructions: Mom Scrapbooking Layouts.

Mother Scrapbooking Layouts.

Memorial Day Scrapbooking Layout.

I know it takes time and effort to scan your pages in and to post them in the gallery, but I encourage and would like you to find a little time and share your layouts with others. I am sure other scrapbookers will learn and get ideas from each and every one of your layouts.


3. Design Team:


I am still looking for talented scrapbookers to join "all scrapbooking ideas Design Team" If you are interested in the opportunity or know someone that might be. Please fill this form.


4.In the spotlight

******************************** has introduced new products. Go here and get The Most Incredible FREE Digital Scrapbook Gift... EVER! and How to Start Your Own Greeting Card Business...

Description of image

What's Hotter? Summer Or The Special? Hard question!


5. Problem with scrapbooking retreat


Somebody sent this letter complaining about a scrapbooking retreat she attended, and I have decided to publish this letter here for all us to learn from it. I will be happy if you will take time and give me your feedback about this or if you have an experience that you want others to know about, please use the feedback form.

------------------------------ First Name: E-mail Address: Country: United States Feedback: I just wanted to make you aware that the business advertising on your website the "Olde Geneva Dairy" scrapbook retreat is a scam that provied false advertising and engages in illegal business practices. My friend and I recently returned from this retreat which included disgusting accomodations (bugs, filthy bathrooms, unrefrigerated food) and did not provide what was promised on their website. Poor women are flying from all over the country to meet up at this retreat and having the worst weekend of their lives and paying $275 non-refundable. If you would like a better description of this "retreat" I can email you the pictures I took showing the squalor.

To: Date: 17 Apr 2007, 04:13:56 PM Subject: Re: Submission from "Form 1" form in

Attached are pictures from the "Olde Geneva Dairy," scrapbooking retreat this past weekend. Many of the women chose this retreat based on its website and found it on scrapbooking websites. The business is not licensed (I asked for his business tax ID #), he is illegally charging sales tax for a business with no ID# and he is running credit cards through a different business which he does have a license for. As you can see, the sleeping conditions, bathroom and kitchen are disgusting. He has not been approved by the Board of Health to prepare food in that kitchen. He also did not serve dinner to the retreat "victims" until 8-9pm at night, did not provide the "ice cream, brownies, homemade pizza, wraps, smoothies" promised on the website. His "newly renovated Phase II" is not completed, does not have heat but instead space heaters, and has sheets nailed up to hide what is not done (even in the bathroom we had to use). I'm just trying to prevent others from being scammed.


N/B: I hope to get around to posting the pictures for you all to see, in the meantime if you need the pics you just drop me line using the feedback form and I will send the pics to you ASAP!!!

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