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Two gifts to mark 3rd year anniversary. Allscrappyideas! #19.
October 11, 2007
"If you don't save your memories they may be lost forever! Memories are the easiest things to lose. Don't forget your memories - CELEBRATE THEM!"


"Some Things Just Get Better With Age."

Hurray!!! It's 3rd year on the net, and definetly I would'nt have done it without you. These past three years have not been easy, but thanks to you and SBI, keeps on growing day after day.

And so as a way to say "THANK YOU" for your support and help all through these years, I offer you this special opportunity and gift - SBI.
If you have been thinking of starting a work from home business, or you have a parent, relative, friend, child etc who could/should be starting a work from home business Or who has been thinking of it

Then this SBI 2 for 1 special anniversary gift offers you exactly that chance. Give this special anniversary gift to yourself, friends and relatives.

Remember that SBI is more than an anniversary gift. It's a life skill. Celebrate a new life, starting a work from home business

Everyone knows something about something, passion, hobby or experience in your job, sitesell enables people to take that knowledge and turn it into a significant and profitable onlne business. Buy 1 SBI and get 1 FREE!. Save it for yourself, or start a friend, child or parent on the liberating e-road of working for oneself. Hurry!!! This sales ends exactly on the stroke of midnight 22th October 2007

To qualify for this special SBI anniversary 2 for the price of 1 promotion, you must buy SBI using any of the links from this site. After buying, use the feedback form to send your purchase data like name, order number, date of purchase etc. See 3rd year Anniversary page for more details.

The second special anniversary gift is a coupon code, that will give you 40% off any of the princesscrafts memberships, Even the popular greeting card biz and Twas the Night Scrapbook. But Remember, you can only get this 40% discount only by buying through the links on with the coupon code:"allscrapbooking" (all lower case letters) But its only good through the end of october...So don't procrastinate.
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See 3rd year Anniversary page for more details.

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