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my site's 2nd anniversary and here's my gift to you!ASI #12
October 14, 2006

Allscrappyideas! your guide to all the exciting scrapbooking ideas, info, tips and techniques. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

October 14, 2006 Issue #12



"If you don't save your memories they may be lost forever!
Memories are the easiest things to lose.
Don't forget your memories - CELEBRATE THEM!"

Table of Contents

1) My site's celebrating it's 2nd anniversary and here's my gift to you!

2) New Look: Scrapbooking layouts gallery.

3) Restructured: Free scrapbooking layouts.

4) Feedback... Please give your feedback.


1) My site's celebrating it's 2nd anniversary and here's my gift to you!

My site is celebrating it's 2 years anniversary.
And to tell you the truth this 2 years wouldn't have been possible
without the help of SBI!

To celebrate I want you and others, thinking of starting a
Scrapbooking/work from home business to share in my success.
So for a limited time anyone who clicks this link can order SBI!
and will get 2 subscriptions for the price of one.

But hurry...

This special gift ends exactly on the stroke of midnight 22 october 2006.

More details here

Note: After buying sbi please use the feedback
form to let me know that you bought during your 10-day promotion.
Please send the following information...

* Your first name and last name

* e-mail address or the order number (it's in your "Get Ready" e-mail)

* date of purchase

* if the free SBI! is not for you, the purchaser, include full
contact information of the person who is receiving the sbi.

The free site must be claimed within 6 months of purchase or it
becomes inactive.

This is a special promotion to mark 2 years
on the net, and you will not see any mention of this promotion on
the SBI site.

Once the promotion is over I will send all the information in to
Sitesell and they will deal directly with you from there.

Please note that you will not see any reference on the Sitesell
site about this promotion. This is a special promotion I have
permission to run for only 10 days. Everyone else is paying full
price for everything.

2) New Look: Scrapbooking Layouts Gallery.

Scrapbooking layouts gallery has been restructured to be in uniform
with the overall site feel and look. Go to scrapbooking layouts gallery.

Submitting your scrapbooking layouts for publication is quite
very easy. Just go to Scrapbooking Layout(s) Submission Page
Tell us, all about your scrapbooking layout(s), techniques,
ideas, materials and any other information that you want us
to know about your layout(s). On completing and submiting the
layout(s) submission form, you will be sent an automated email.
Check your email, attach the layout(s) and reply.

3) Restructured: Free scrapbooking layouts.

In order to honour the word "free", I decided to restucture
the free scrapbooking layouts page too. The layouts on the
page are now FREE!!! No strings attached. No more form filling.
You can now download the layouts by right clicking on the
links under the layouts. Download your free scrapbooking layouts here.

4) Please give your feedback.

How can be developed to meet
your standard and needs? Do you have any question,
suggestions and ideas on how to improve this site? Please give your Feedback!

Happy Scrapping! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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